Privacy Policy


GDPR:  The Color Bridlington

Your personal privacy and your protection are important to us

The law about personal data changes on May 25th2018 
You will no doubt be aware of all the changes currently happening about your personal data and the way your personal information can be stored by businesses, charities and all organisations. Well we are no different here in The Color!

Record Cards (for both Salon and Relaxation Classes) 
We can assure you that our physical client record cards (held securely in the salon) are not digitised in anyway. We will never disclose any of your details of either treatments or any personal details to anyone. These record cards are not shared in anyway with our suppliers, nor do we share the information stored on them.  We have taken advice and we do not need to create a new client record card for all clients. But we do need you to give us permission to record your hair treatments on the cards. Naturally at any time, you can request to see your card.  For under 16s we need to ensure we have a record of parent/carer permissions.

Use of Text (SMS or Phone calls) 
We will have to ask all customers to give their explicit permission for us to contact them via email, text or phone. This will be reasonably easy for those of you who have signed up to our Newsletters  - you will be able to give your permissions all at the same time. For those not registered for the digital system - we have a small form for you to complete. 

The Color Email  or Newsletters
Some of you will have signed up for a newsletter service (provided by Mail Chimp), this is the way we send you newsletters about closing the salon for holidays, relaxation classes, about new products or other bits of news from the Salon.   
When you initially signed up you gave us (Richard and Melanie Johnson) permission to contact you using your chosen email address. If you remember, you had to complete the form on the tablet in the salon and then when you accessed your email there was an email asking you to verify your permission.  
Even though this process was quite scrupulous, the new changes do not allow us to continue assuming you have given us your permission to continue using your email address. 
We will be sending another newsletter shortly and this will have the instructions about how you need to "re-opt in". The law states that we must have your explicit permission for use keep in contact you from May 25th 2018.  We are sure you will have had lots of other companies doing the same.
The Color Retail Online Customers 
The way in which we do business online is also affected, but once again we wish to reassure you all that if you have purchased from us on line - the only details that the system stores is your email and your chosen delivery method.  In no place do we have any credit card details or any stored financial or personal details.  Once again, we can say with confidence that your details are not sold or shared in anyway.
Also, we can reassure you that Shop Factory our e-commerce system, which is one of the global leaders in this online world, is also making sure that they are fully compliant under the new regulations.

Omnia Erimus Omnia Erimus
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Omnia Erimus Omnia Erimus
$ 379.00
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