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Express style


Creates clean and modern looks in a flash


Fast form 200ml

Cream gel

  • Tames all textures Smoothing shea butter evening primrose avocado and jojoba oils create sensational slip and leave even the most rebellious locks shiny and manageable
  • Incredible memory Use on wet or dry hair for clean detail and long lasting flexible hold that keeps your style right where you want it
  • Faster drying Save precious minutes and get out of the door faster thanks to reduced styling and drying time

Quick slip 150ml

Cut down on your morning routine and slip into beautiful conditioned style

Styling cream

  • Clean texture The perfect balance of conditioners and shine enhancers help provide a soft flexible hold to shape and separate your style
  • Conditions and protects Softening conditioners help leave hair feeling and looking healthy and protected from the sun
  • Reduces drying time Specially formulated to help reduce drying time 

Round trip 200ml

Liquid curl definer

Get ready for rapid curls and save valuable morning minutes

  • Clean definition Unique styling properties provide weightless detail to wavy or curly hair
  • Long lasting bendable hold Helps condition and protect curls while creating durable body and bounce
  • Reduces drying time Specially formulated to help reduce drying time

Hold me tight 300ml

Creating a style that lasts all day just got easier

Finishing spray

  • Rapid drying A unique blend of styling agents reduces the drying time
  • Strong hold Powerful flexible polymers help provide strong long lasting hold
  • Clean hold Spray can be layered onto the hair without stiffness or dulling build up conditioners and shine enhancers help impart high gloss and reduce static
hot of the press

Hot Off The Press 200ml

Thermal Protection Spray

  • Basics Protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling
  • Benefits Boost's hairs strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold
  • Bonus Adds great memory for effortless curls or smoothing with a hot iron 

Hot of the press 200ml x 2

Special offer price
Two cans of hot of the press 200ml including free delivery